Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission


Thank you for your interest in presenting at ExoticsCon 2020, in Denver, CO.

AAV, AEMV and ARAV are excited to collaborate for our joint conference, ExoticsCon, once again in 2020. We strive to bring together the best avian, exotic companion mammal, and reptile and amphibian veterinarians and technicians to contribute to our program.

Our attendees are among the first to adopt new technologies, products, and services and are eager to learn about new and improved ways of caring for animals. We look forward to your contribution to our conference and our profession!

The submission deadline is Monday, December 2, 2019 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

Please note that there will be no extensions made to this deadline this year.

ExoticsCon is pleased to review proposals in the following categories:

  • Lecture (15 minute)
  • Master Class (1-hour)
  • Master Class (2-hour)
  • Hands-On Workshop (2-hour)
  • Hands-On Workshop (4-hour)
  • Hands-On Workshop (8-hour)
  • Poster
  • Roundtable

Proposal Submission Guidelines

The following guidelines should be used for proposal submission for all presentation types.

Contact Information: Create a user account and input presenting author information and all contributing author information. Authors should be listed in the order they should appear in the heading of the abstract. Please note if your abstract(s) is selected you will have the opportunity to list co-presenters who will be in-person with you in Denver during the speaker contract process. We do not automatically consider co-authors to be co-presenters. Also, please understand the person submitting the abstract is considered to be the primary presenter. As such, if you do not plan to be a presenter in-person in Denver, please do not submit an abstract on behalf of another person.

Presenting Author Bio: Please submit a brief 50 word or less biography for the presenting author. This information will be used on the conference website, the conference app and in introductions at the time of the presentation at the conference.

Submission Track: Indicate in which track (avian, exotic companion mammal, reptile/amphibian, hybrid/mixed, or technician) your submission should be placed.

Presentation Format: Indicate your presentation preference(s). The conference committee will do its utmost to keep your proposal in its original format; however, at times they may request you alter the presentation format if deemed more suitable.

Submission Category: Indicate one submission category from the dropdown list that best fits your abstract.

Proposal Title: Should be title case, brief, and indicate clearly the nature of the abstract. Word limit for titles is 15 words. Please refrain from using special characters in the title. Title-case is defined as the grammar rule where the first letter of all principal words is capitalized. Articles, prepositions, and conjunctions are not capitalized. Example: Common Referral Issues for Reptiles, Small Mammals and Birds – Cases to Learn From

Proposal Text: Proposals are limited to 250 words. Carefully check the proof of your proposal. Make certain any special characters and formatting are displayed properly in your proof. Ensure your submission does not contain spelling, grammar, or scientific errors as it will be used in the review process to choose the program for the conference, reproduced, and published. Include: presentation purpose, practical application, protocol. Please note, we accept proposals for studies that are not yet concluded. In this case, the proposal does not necessarily need to contain results but it is MANDATORY that the final abstract or manuscript in the proceedings require results. The conference committee reserves the right to cancel any presentation that does not comply with this rule.

Questions? Contact meetings@exoticscon.org or +1-352-375-5672

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