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Expo Booth Purchase Form


Welcome to the VMX 2020 online booth selection!

Request your booth today. Once approved, you will be granted access to the Exhibitor Service Center, so you can manage your account and upload the necessary information required in order to ensure you have a successful event at VMX 2020.

Booth pricing is as follows (after November 1, 2019)

  • Standard, 10x10 (In-line) - Zone A         $4,175.00
  • Standard, 10x10 (In-line) - Zone B         $4,075.00
  • Standard, 10x10 (In-line) - Zone C         $3,975.00
  • Premium (Island) Zone A                        $53.75 sq ft
  • Premium (Island) Zone B                        $52.75 sq ft
  • Premium (Island) Zone C                        $52.00 sq ft
  • Not for Profit (10x10)                               $695.00
  • Corner Add-On                                         $425.00 per corner


Corner Add-on: Is added as an additional fee for each corner booth selected.

Island Pricing: Is inclusive of the corners, the Invoice will be modified to remove the Corner Add-On fee(s) and reflect the island price.

Endcap Selection: Requires adherence to visibility rules.


Start by reviewing the floor map below:
Exhibit Floorplan Preview


Mouseover the booths to view the numbers and zones.


Now, click START to reserve a booth at VMX 2020.



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