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Current Date: Friday, March 23, 2018
Current Time: 02:53 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Welcome to the VMX 2019 online booth selection!

Request your booth today. Once approved, you can access the Exhibitor Service Center to take advantage of the management and preparation tools available to ensure you have a successful event at VMX 2019.

The prices are as follows which reflects an increase on January 1, 2018 and before November 2, 2018:

  • Standard In-Line Booth $39.75 sq ft
  • Premium 1 Booth (1 Corner) $44.00 sq ft
  • Premium 2 Booth (2 Corners) $47.25 sq ft
  • Premium 3 Booth (Island) $53.75 sq ft
  • Not-for-Profit Organization (10x10) $595 per 10x10

Note: Selection of an endcap requires adherence to visibility rules.

Start by reviewing the floor map below, then click the Start button to make your reservation.

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